MoinMoin requires Python 3.9+. A CPython distribution is recommended because it will likely be the fastest and most stable. Most developers use a CPython distribution for testing. Typical linux distributions will either have Python 3.9+ installed by default or will have a package manager that will install Python 3.9+ as a secondary Python. Windows users may download CPython distributions from or

An alternative implementation of Python, PyPy, is available from


For moin2, you can use any server compatible with WSGI:

  • the builtin server (used by the “moin run” command) is recommended for desktop wikis, testing, debugging, development, adhoc-wikis, etc.

  • apache with mod_wsgi is recommended for bigger/busier wikis.

  • other WSGI-compatible servers or middlewares are usable

  • For cgi, fastcgi, scgi, ajp, etc., you can use the “flup” middleware:

  • IIS with ISAPI-WSGI gateway is also compatible:


When using the built-in server for public wikis (not recommended), use “moin run –no-debugger –no-reload” to turn off the werkzeug debugger and auto reloader. See the Werkzeug docs for more information.


Dependent packages will be automatically downloaded and installed during the moin2 installation process. For a list of dependencies, see pyproject.toml.


On the client side, you need a web browser that supports W3C standards HTML 5, CSS 2.1, and JavaScript:

  • any current version of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Maxthon, Internet Explorer (IE9 or newer).

  • use of older Internet Explorer versions is not recommended and not supported.