Changes in MoinMoin

MoinMoin Version History

Please note: It is recommended that existing wiki’s be upgraded to the latest moin 1.9.x release before converting to Moin 2. However, this may not be a necessary step as the 1.9.x file structure has not changed recently.

Version 2.0.0alpha

This is an unstable alpha release not suitable for a production wiki, test carefully and report new issues and feature requests on the issue tracker:


  • Major rewrite of MoinMoin 1.9.x

New features

  • Python3.9+

  • Supports moinwiki, markdown, rst, and DocBook markup languages

  • HTML markup support by CKEditor, same version used in moin 1.9.x

  • MediaWiki markup support needs work

  • Editor help docs optional, can be loaded into a wiki namespace

  • New/revised themes: topside, topside-cms, modernized, basic

  • EmeraldTree

  • Flask

  • Flatland

  • FontAwesome

  • Jinja2

  • Jquery

  • Whoosh

  • Xstatic

Missing features from 1.9.x

  • SVG editor

  • LDAP may have missing dependencies depending upon OS flavor

  • WikiDicts have limited function, does not use Babel translations

Other changes