MoinMoin.config package


MoinMoin.config.default module

MoinMoin - Configuration defaults class

class MoinMoin.config.default.CacheClass[source]

Bases: object

just a container for stuff we cache

class MoinMoin.config.default.ConfigFunctionality[source]

Bases: object

Configuration base class with config class behaviour.

This class contains the functionality for the DefaultConfig class for the benefit of the WikiConfig macro.

auth_can_logout = None
auth_have_login = None
auth_login_inputs = None
cache = None
mail_enabled = None
siteid = None
class MoinMoin.config.default.DefaultConfig[source]

Bases: MoinMoin.config.default.ConfigFunctionality

Configuration base class with default config values (added below)


alias of

acl_functions = u''
acl_mapping = None
acl_rights_contents = ['read', 'pubread', 'write', 'create', 'admin', 'destroy']
acl_rights_functions = ['superuser', 'notextcha']
allow_style_attributes = False
auth = [<MoinMoin.auth.MoinAuth object>]
backend_mapping = None
config_check_enabled = False
create_index = False
create_storage = False
data_dir = './data/'
default_root = u'Home'
destroy_index = False
destroy_storage = False
endpoints_excluded = []
html_pagetitle = None
interwiki_map = {}
interwiki_preferred = []
interwikiname = None
item_dict_regex = u'(?P<all>(?P<key>\\S+)Dict)'
item_group_regex = u'(?P<all>(?P<key>\\S+)Group)'
item_views = [('frontend.show_item', l'Show', l'Show', False), ('frontend.download_item', l'Download', l'Download', True), ('frontend.history', l'History', l'Revision History', True), ('frontend.modify_item', l'Modify', l'Edit or Upload', False), ('special.supplementation', None, None, False), ('frontend.index', l'Subitems', l'Subitems Index', False), ('special.comments', l'Comments', l'Hide comments', True), ('special.transclusions', l'Transclusions', l'Show transclusions', True), ('frontend.highlight_item', l'Highlight', l'Show with Syntax-Highlighting', True), ('frontend.show_item_meta', l'Meta', l'Display Metadata', True), ('frontend.quicklink_item', None, l'Create or remove a navigation link to this item', False), ('frontend.subscribe_item', None, l'Switch notifications about item changes on or off', False), ('frontend.rename_item', l'Rename', l'Rename this item', True), ('frontend.convert_item', l'Convert', l'Convert this item', True), ('frontend.delete_item', l'Delete', l'Delete this item', True), ('frontend.destroy_item', l'Destroy', l'Completely destroy this item', True), ('frontend.sitemap', l'Site Map', l'Local Site Map of this item', True), ('frontend.similar_names', l'Similar', l'Items with similar names', False)]
locale_default = u'en_US'
log_reverse_dns_lookups = True
mail_from = None
mail_password = None
mail_sendmail = None
mail_smarthost = None
mail_username = None
mimetypes_to_index_as_empty = []
mimetypes_xss_protect = ['text/html', 'application/x-shockwave-flash', 'application/xhtml+xml']
namespace_mapping = None
navi_bar = [('wikilink', 'frontend.show_root', {}, l'Home', l'Home Page'), ('wikilink', 'frontend.global_history', {}, l'History', l'Global History'), ('wikilink', 'frontend.index', {}, l'Index', l'Global Index'), ('wikilink', 'frontend.global_tags', {}, l'Tags', l'Global Tags Index'), ('wikilink', 'admin.index_user', {}, l'User', l'User'), ('wikilink', 'admin.index', {}, l'Admin', l'Administration & Docs')]
ns_content = '/'
ns_user_homepage = 'users/'
ns_user_profile = 'userprofiles/'
passlib_crypt_context = {'schemes': ['sha512_crypt']}
password_checker(username, password, min_length=8, min_different=5)

Check if a password is secure enough. We use a built-in check to get rid of the worst passwords.

We do NOT use cracklib / python-crack here any more because it is not thread-safe (we experienced segmentation faults when using it).

If you don’t want to check passwords, use password_checker = None.

Returns:None if there is no problem with the password, some unicode object with an error msg, if the password is problematic.
plugin_dirs = []
results_per_page = 50
root_mapping = {}
secrets = None
serve_files = {}
show_hosts = True
show_interwiki = False
show_names = True
show_rename_redirect = False
show_section_numbers = False
sistersites = []
siteid = 'MoinMoin'
sitename = u'Untitled Wiki'
supplementation_item_names = [u'Discussion']
template_dirs = []
textchas = None
textchas_expiry_time = 600
theme_default = u'topside'
timezone_default = u'UTC'
trail_size = 5
user_defaults = {u'bookmarks': {}, u'css_url': None, u'disabled': False, u'display_name': None, u'edit_on_doubleclick': True, u'edit_rows': 0, u'email': None, u'email_subscribed_events': [], u'email_unvalidated': None, u'enc_password': u'', u'locale': None, u'mailto_author': False, u'name': [], u'openid': None, u'quicklinks': [], u'recoverpass_key': u'', u'results_per_page': 0, u'scroll_page_after_edit': True, u'session_key': u'', u'show_comments': False, u'subscriptions': [], u'theme_name': None, u'timezone': None, u'want_trivial': False}
user_email_unique = True
user_email_verification = False
user_homewiki = u'Self'
user_use_gravatar = False
class MoinMoin.config.default.DefaultExpression(exprstr)[source]

Bases: object

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